Wanted: A Shift in Paradigm

For several decades, remote viewing has been studied with success and it is a psychic phenomenon that has considerable research behind it. The first response to evidence that challenges an existing paradigm, is to deny it.  We accuse those who promote remote viewing of fraud and convince ourselves that remote viewing cannot exist. Humans have a history of not accepting ideas until they are forced to, usually when their survival depends on it. As evidence accumulates, we will reach a point where the results cannot be ignored. One such example is scientist Galileo. His invention of the telescope allowed him to collect evidence that Earth and all the other planets revolved around the sun. Most people during that time believed that Earth was the center of the universe and he was imprisoned to keep him from spreading other “crazy” ideas. He was outcast for his revolutionary ideas because the concept he proposed simply did not fit people’s worldview. The future is very promising for remote viewing if we can only stretch our current paradigm to fit its existence.



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