Reply to ‘CIA Sponsorship of Remote Viewing’

It is often said that the CIA sponsored SRI team produced successful trials of remote viewing. However, the word “successful” is yet another subjective characteristic. While there were some instances where the pictures drawn by the remote viewers matched the pictures present at the site, these were only a few out of hundreds and hundreds. This brings us back to the idea of the confirmation bias: where researchers (and in this case, military officials) look for evidence that remote viewers could actually match their assigned sites because they would like to believe in the reliability of remote viewing.

Over 24 years, $ 20 million was invested in this program; however, in the grand scheme of government investments, particularly over such an extended period of time, this is merely a blip on the government’s financial radar. On that same note–why did the funding stop? As researcher French points out: “It strikes me as incredible that funding would be terminated for such a promising program (with inherent risk that other nations would gain a lead in terms of psychic warfare) if the results produced were really so impressive” (French, 2010). Additionally, the fact that all participants have fully disclosed the details of their experiences with the government to the public, and that these participants have not since been apprehended by the CIA, one can assume these experiences were not deemed entirely crucial and valuable to CIA affairs.


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