Remote Viewing: Much More Than a Crystal Ball

Remote viewing extends beyond magic. True remote viewing, unlike crystal ball gazing or tealeaf reading, is strictly controlled.  As explained earlier, in these experiments, a viewer attempts to draw/describe a randomly chosen target location or object while all known channels for receiving the information are blocked. There is a protocol for a remote viewing experiment, which as seen in the video, is strict and completely blind to those actually in the experiment, with people who are unrelated doing much of the background work. Using the standards applied to any other science, remote viewing experiments have statistical analysis of results in relation to chance (p-value), effect sizes, and randomness (Utts, 1995). Based on the size of the study, researchers determine the correct statistical value of if chance alone were responsible, how likely it would be to observe results as strong or stronger than the ones obtained. The smaller the answer to that question (the p-value) the more the researchers are willing to rule out chance and an explanation. In numerous remote-viewing experiments, small p-values are found, supporting that this phenomenon occurs separate from chance. With the application of these standard scientific procedures, and the results of the studies being statistically significant far beyond what could be expected by chance,  it can be concluded that psychic functioning is well established (Utts, 1995). Far too often, people who question the existence of psi are questioning on the basis of their personal beliefs and paradigms rather than examining scientific data. 


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