Not Ready to Shift–Need More Proof!

There is definitely something to be said for the social phenomenon of ostracizing the unknown. We all are prone to becoming defensive of our current beliefs. However, when Galileo suggested that the Earth was round, there was no reason for people to want this to be true; it was a new idea without any positive implications, as it challenged the Catholic Church’s belief that Earth was the center of the universe. This isn’t to say Galileo should ever have been imprisoned, but simply that the situation was much different than our present situation with remote viewing.

Right now, there isn’t any reason why one wouldn’t want to believe in remote viewing. If proved to be true, remote viewing would provide a number of benefits. It could be used for the military, the police force, locating lost objects, etc–the list goes on! So why, then, would people want to ignore the plausibility for such an idea? The reality of the situation is simply that there isn’t enough evidence at this point to support the idea of remote viewing, and until adequate scientific conclusions can be made and replicated, we can’t rely completely on its validity.


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