CIA Sponsorship of Remote Viewing

If all the statistical evidence isn’t enough for you, it says a lot that the government funded research on remote viewing for over two decades. Recently unclassified, the Stanford Research Institute was conducting studies to determine whether phenomena such as remote viewing might have any utility for intelligence collection” (Puthoff, 1996). The research began with a man named Ingo Swann who showed researchers at Stanford his amazing abilities of being able to remote view. As more work was done, protocols were expanded and viewers were testing their limits; progress. In their second year of the program, the CIA sponsor decided to challenge the team to provide data on a Soviet site of ongoing operational significance (Puthoff, 1996). Remote viewer Pat Price and the team came up with a very thoughtful and intricate experiment to minimize any “cueing” of the target site, while still keeping in mind the Soviet site on which intelligence was needed (Puthoff, 1996). Were the results not promising, the experiment would have ended but Price drew a multisensory crane and an attempt at a building layout, both of which were accurate on the target site when it was finally seen. The SRI team experienced much success over the two decades and although funding ceased, it was quite a success. While I understand this information is from very trained remote viewers, their controlled experiments produced significant results. Additionally, the US government funded NASA, which, in time, was able to get man to the moon. In order for the government to commit so much funding, there must have been some pretty compelling evidence.


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